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More than ever adults are seeking orthodontic care to improve their smile and overall oral health. Teeth that are in good alignment create a nice smile and are also easier to clean and take care of. Some adults are hesitant to peruse orthodontic treatment because they are concerned about how they will look. In the last several years there have been several advances in esthetic orthodontic materials that cater to adults who may be interested in a less visible option than metal braces to align their teeth. These esthetic options are clear ceramic braces and clear plastic aligners.

Traditional Dental Braces in Tacoma

Ceramic brackets are bonded to the teeth like metal brackets, but they are translucent and are less noticeable. Highly flexible wires with shape memory are placed in the bracket slots to gently move the teeth. The process is similar to metal braces except the bracket are less noticeable. This is a great option when the effectiveness and versatility of braces are desired, without the look of metal braces.

Clear Dental Aligners in Tacoma

Another popular method among adults is clear aligner treatment such as Invisalign or Clear Correct. Aligners are ideal for the adult who would like to make mild to moderate changes in the position of their teeth with the least visible option. 3D printing and CAD/CAM technology has made clear aligner therapy possible. An impression is made of your teeth and then the orthodontist works with an aligner manufacturer to digitally plan the direction and rate of movement of the teeth. A series of plastic aligners are then worn with each aligner tray making small incremental movements of the teeth until the desires positions are reached. Competition among manufacturers of aligners has driven innovation with this method of treatment and is becoming a more effective option for many people.

Pre-Prosthetic Consultation

Adults who are planning to have missing teeth restored or are making significant changes to their teeth with crowns or veneers should have a pre-prosthetic consultation with their dentist and orthodontist. Following the loss of a tooth, teeth will drift out of alignment if the tooth is not replaced. When teeth have been missing for a significant time period the changes to the bite can be significant. Moving the teeth back to stable positions with proper spacing creates a stable foundation for the restorative dentists to provide the best functional and esthetic result.

Choosing the right Orthodontic Team

With any orthodontic treatment, the quality of the result you obtain is primarily dependent on the skill of the orthodontist and his team rather than the specific tools you choose to move teeth. Our excellent orthodontic team in Longview will communicate with you and personalize treatment that works well with your preferences and goals. If you are curious if you would be a good candidate for orthodontic treatment please contact our office and set up a consultation where you can ask about your potential treatment options for a straighter smile.

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